Emotional Wellbeing

‘Tis the Season to….Worry about Food?

by Natalie Gornstein, LICSW

This time of year can be stressful for anyone. Throw an eating disorder or disordered eating into the mix and the stressors multiply. Holiday gatherings typically include food, friends and/or family, all of which can be triggering….read more>

Am I Running or Am I Standing Still?

by Jodi Galin, Ph.D.

I really enjoy running. I don’t run very fast or go really long distances. Speed, distance, and time purposefully are omitted from my description as that information is not as relevant to my internal experience… read more >

Almost Anorexic: A Book Review

by Natalie Gornstein, LICSW

Almost Anorexic is a recently published book by Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D. and Jenni Schaeffer that discusses the very prevalent sub clinical eating disorders that exist in our culture today. This book addresses the grey zone of eating disorders… read more>

Full Recovery

By Beth Mayer, LICSW

Sometimes being in the eating disorder field can be so frustrating. Some providers (therapists, nutritionists, doctors) do not believe that full recovery is possible. I just received a call the other day from a mother who told me her adolescent daughter had been experiencing an eating disorder for the past 6 years… read more >