Embrace Summer

by Natalie Gornstein, LICSW

The Body Image documentary “Embrace” has been widely screened in the US and beyond since it last appeared on our blog. Taryn Brumfit’s message of body acceptance…read more.

Nourish Your Mind

by Natalie Gornstein, LICSW

Have you checked out our list of recommended podcasts yet? Look under “resources” and you will find a variety of recommended podcasts…read more

A Strategy for Troubling Body Image Thoughts

by Jodi R. Galin, Ph.D

Many people with eating disorders are troubled by preoccupation with body image dissatisfaction.  Negative body thoughts can take up much time in someone’s head prior to full recovery.  These thoughts are…Read More

Self-Confidence Verses Shame in the Beauty Politic

by Jodi R. Galin, Ph.D.

Where is the line between self-confidence with good, healthy self-care on the one hand and pre-occupation, body image dissatisfaction, and body loathing on the other?  Debra Spar took on this question…Read More

Unconditional Love: Celebrating Your Body In Sickness, In Health, And No Matter What

by Heather Bell, MPH RD LDN

When we talk about body acceptance, we often frame the discussion in terms of size and shape.  And we talk about loving our bodies whatever size… read more


by Natalie Gornstein, LICSW

If you haven’t seen the documentary Embrace by Taryn Brumfitt run, don’t walk to your nearest theatre hosting a screening… read more

Strategies To Cope With Worry Thoughts:  What We Can Learn From An Olympian

by Jodi R. Galin, Ph.D.

Aly Raisman is on my mind.  Given that the 2016 Olympics are about to start as I was trying to write this blog, I was able to find this interesting article about her…read more

Summertime Body Confidence

by Jodi R. Galin, Ph.D.

Overheard at the nail salon just at the start of summer:

Friend 1:  Are you taking a summer vacation?

Friend 2:  My family and I are going to the beach… read more

EMDR Explained

by Pam Minichiello, LMHC

People diagnosed with PTSD experience a broad range of difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, trust and relationship difficulties, and terrifying flashback symptoms. Some people struggling with trauma-related…read more

Mindfulness – Just Another Fad?

by Pam Minichiello, LMHC

Most of us seek counseling because we want to improve something in our lives – relationships, confidence, mood, personal growth, or something else. Improvement, however…read more