One of the keys to a healthy relationship with food is variety. We share these recipes for that purpose. We hope you find them helpful.
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Watermelon and Feta Salad

contributed by Hillary Mamis, MS,RD,LDN There is nothing more refreshing or enjoyable on a hot day than a cool salad. With all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available during the summer, there are endless combinations and possibilities to achieve that perfect balance in a salad. Below is a recipe for a watermelon salad that… Read more

Baba Ghanoush

contributed by Abigail Hammond, MS,RD,LDN as shared by her older brother, Jacob

One of the most well-loved restaurants in my hometown of Cortland, NY is called Pita Gourmet. Among other Lebanese dishes and wraps, they make a wonderful Baba Ghanoush… read more>

Avocado Chicken Salad

contributed by Hillary Mamis, MS,RD,LDN

Chicken seems to be one of those ingredients that’s often on hand… read more>

Chia Pudding

contributed by Amy Aubertin, MS,RD,LDN

A quick breakfast, snack or sweet ending to a meal… read more>

Simple Quinoa and Pinto Bean Soup

contributed by Leah Riley, DPD

Enjoy this bowl of warmth. This soup is easy to freeze for later too… read more>

Ommok Houria (Tunisian Carrot Salad)

contributed by Hillary Mamis, MS,RD,LDN

This recipe comes from my world-traveler friend who spent time in Tunis. She recommends this traditional side dish that could double for a main dish… read more>

Easy Salmon Spread

contributed by Amy Aubertin, MS,RD,LDN

This is a simple recipe that transforms canned salmon into a spread for bread, crackers, wraps and as a topping for salad … read more>

Quinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad

contributed by Beth Mayer, LICSW

A delicious recipe that I love …read more>

Mexican Brown Rice and Quinoa Salad

contributed by Amy Aubertin, MS,RD,LDN

Here’s a side dish recipe to try using a combination of whole grain rice and quinoa. If you find you have rice or quinoa leftovers, it’s a nice way to incorporate them …read more >