Welcome to the Counseling and Nutrition Center, CNC360!


Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality counseling and nutritional care in an outpatient setting. We believe in an integrated, holistic, HAES® informed and multifaceted approach to health.

We believe each patient deserves state of the art care as well as the expertise and wisdom senior clinicians bring from years of experience in the field. We are delighted to bring you a collaborative model utilizing senior advisors and a multidisciplinary team approach that will ensure your optimal care.

We are dedicated to working with you on your unique path to health. In addition to treating many different nutrition and mental health issues,  we specialize in working with people who have disordered eating. Our years of wisdom gained through providing treatment has taught us that an individualized, non-diet approach with an eye towards emotional and appetite attunement will bring a lifetime of recovery.

We believe in full recovery. Our intent is to share that recovery process with you.