Psychotherapy and Group Therapy

We offer a variety of psychotherapy services at CNC360 including individual and family psychotherapy for eating disorders, disordered eating, and related issues. After a thorough psychological assessment, treatment will be tailored to suit individuals’ needs. Our therapists use a variety of therapeutic models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family-Based Treatment, psychodynamic, and relational approaches. Using an interactive style, we help clients identify current difficulties, how their symptoms are working for them as coping mechanisms, and ways to develop healthier strategies. Our therapists use a multi-disciplinary team approach, and the collaborative atmosphere of CNC360 works to the advantage of our clients’ outcomes. Throughout the recovery process, the treatment focuses on healing, self-care, self-awareness, personal and relationship growth, and ways to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Group Therapy

Connection is the route to recovery. Clients confirm that being with others who share in the journey of healing from an eating disorder contributes to the sense of feeling understood. Clients describe that the experience of support, encouragement, and validation helps them to take risks towards recovery.

We are accepting applications for our on-going psychotherapy group facilitated by Marilyn Newman, LICSW. Please contact her directly for more information at 978-443-5090.


Getting started or staying on the path to recovery can sometimes be difficult. The CNC360 team provides a comprehensive evaluation that is a consultation only service, not a commitment for treatment. This consultation can help clarify diagnoses, the appropriate level of care, issues keeping you from full recovery, and benefits of different types of providers and treatments. The CNC360 team will work with you to provide a thorough, combined nutritional and psychological assessment so that you can thoughtfully plan your treatment.