Who Are We?

CNC360 is a group of dedicated, experienced, HAES® informed and licensed professionals in the fields of nutrition and psychology who specialize in the treatment of eating concerns. We offer an integrated, mind-body holistic approach to support recovery from eating and body image issues.

Why Self-Talk Matters When We Goof Up With Food

by Heather Bell, MPH, RD,LDN

We’re well into a New Year of food and fitness resolutions, so I thought it might be a good idea to focus for a moment on how we can best help ourselves when we’re unhappy with our eating choices… read more

When Objective Clinical Research Is Anything But Objective

by Heather Bell, MPH, RD,LDN

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows CNC 360 that we endorse the concept of Health At Every Size. We challenge the idea that weight = health, and we encourage our clients to seek out accurate…read more

Versatile Farro

by Amy Aubertin, MS,RDN,LDN

Farro is an ancient grain and it is a type of wheat. You can make the basic recipe and then decide to have it for breakfast or as a salad or a warm side dish…read more

My eating was a spider web of complexities and emotions. You know, an eating issue consumes your life, and to have somebody that you can talk to about it is invaluable. I can now articulate...

45 year old teacher with BED of 30 years