We offer home-based services tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Our goal is to empower clients to improve their mental and physical well-being in a unique and comprehensive manner. Services can be established to prevent need for admission to a hospital treatment center and/or to successfully transition out of one.

Each client begins with a 1-2 hour assessment where a care-plan is established. Crucial to the development of an effective care plan is collaboration with a client’s current outpatient team. Everyone works together to ensure a thoughtful and effective approach is established and then executed. Listed below is a sample of the services we provide. This is not an exhaustive list. We encourage clients, their families and outpatient teams to get creative in determining what will be most effective. For more information contact our intake coordinator at 617-461-6197  or nataliegornstein@gmail.com.

Sample Services

  • Individual Meal Coaching/Support – One on one support with a licensed therapist and/or registered dietitian
  • Family Meal Coaching/Support – Support provided by a licensed therapist and/or Registered Dietitian with parental, spouse, sibling, or other family involvement
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Kitchen/Cupboard Overhaul
  • Meal Preparation – Guided meal preparation by a registered dietitian or personal chef depending on client’s need
  • Restaurant Outings – This year we are offering a restaurant outing group for individuals who would like to take on the challenge of dining out within a supportive group environment. For more information contact Natalie Gornstein, LICSW (nataliegornstein@gmail.com) for times and locations
  • Monitored MovementImplemented per the recommendation of client’s multi-disciplinary team – to be accompanied by licensed therapist or licensed fitness professional depending on need
  • On-Call Hours – Provided by licensed therapist and/or registered dietitian depending on need
  • Weekly Progress Reports – Sent by licensed therapist to the client’s multi-disciplinary team to ensure effective and comprehensive collaboration
  • Mindful/Intuitive Eating