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We believe in your recovery.
Our goal is to share that recovery process with you.

Do you want help to feel better with food and your body?

To stop struggling with eating, movement, shape and size?

How The CNC360 Team Can Help You! 

CNC360, Counseling and Nutrition Center, was founded by Lisa Pearl in 2013. We are a group of dedicated registered dietitians/nutritionists who specialize in working with people with body image, food, and eating concerns.  Our clients, as well as our supervisees, benefit from our unparalleled depth of experience and clinical training. Our goals are to continually improve treatment for our clients and provide advanced education and supervision within our professional community.

If you are looking for nutrition counseling, our approach is always individualized to meet your unique needs.  Our initial consultation includes a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional status including your relationship to food and body image. From there we will work with you and your other providers to build an integrated mind-body recovery plan that is sustainable for life.


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Home Based
Recovery Services

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Clinical Supervision

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Parent &
Educational Support

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You’re not alone. 

  We can help you live a healthy life that is true to who you are and inspires confidence knowing that you can sustain it.

  • Our dietitians have treated thousands of individuals and families, providing a safe, non-judgmental, and collaborative space to unpack, understand and heal body image and food issues.
  • We have worked at multiple levels of care in a variety of treatment settings, giving us a deep appreciation for continuity of care and a comprehensive outpatient approach.
  • Our senior dietitians have provided supervision over the course of 60 combined years, helping to support the professional development and satisfaction of hundreds of dietetic and mental health practitioners. 
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We work with our clients to build the coping tools that help you manage the challenges you experience every day.

How Our Patients & Clients Feel 

Nutrition Counseling:

You did not know me before my …my self image has improved a lot. I don’t think about my weight anymore. I’m comfortable at the weight I’m at. I feel like I know now I can be this (normal) weight without obsessing over it and ‘trying’ to maintain it. I eat and exercise with freedom!

~ 19-year-old college student
recovered after 4 years of anorexia nervosa

Nutrition Counseling:

You taught me to trust myself and to recognize when I am being harsh and judgmental towards myself. I trust my sense of what to do around food and have learned acceptance towards my body.

~ 35-year-old clinician
with Crohn’s and anorexia

Clinical Supervision:

“Working as a dietician at CNC360 was both a professional and personal experience I don’t think I could have gotten elsewhere. Never before had I been surrounded by such compassion and encouragement in a work environment and truly feel that it has allowed me to grow closer toward the clinician I want to be.”

~ Kelsey Rigopoulos, RDN
LDN Nutrition Counseling


CNC360 Team

For 10 years we have been cultivating a team of expert providers and educators in the field of disordered eating and body image.  Learn more about our dedicated staff and our company here

We would like to acknowledge that CNC360 is on land belonging to the Agawam, Massachusett, and Pawtucket Tribes. To learn more about the important history of native lands, check out:

Our practice is growing and we are always on the lookout for dietitians who share our values and have a passion for working collaboratively within a group practice. Reach out to Lisa if you are looking for an opportunity like this! 

If you are a clinician looking for supervision with a dietitian who has the experience to help you enhance your skills and work with clients, get more information on our clinical supervision page.

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