Family Based Treatment and Family Support

Family Based Treatment:  Also known as FBT or Maudsley is a specific method of treatment designed for short term re-feeding of children and adolescents.

Parent/Caregiver Support/Guidance:  Clinicians offer support and guidance to parents and caregivers of someone with an eating disorder to improve communication, set expectations, help with boundaries, and provide treatment recommendations.

Family Therapy:  Helping all members of the family move toward healing, healthier patterns of communication, and more effective interpersonal relationships.

Home Based Services: We offer services such as in-home meal coaching, on-call family support, guided grocery shopping, and assisted meal preparation. We encourage clients, their families, and their outpatient treatment teams to get creative in determining what would be most effective. We create services to prevent need for admission to a hospital treatment center and services to successfully transition out of one. Our clients are empowered by the multitude of options. We tailor interventions to their environments and their specific needs. We hear from clients that the elusive road to recovery begins to take on a more tangible form. Clients and their families have expressed a deep sense of gratitude for the services that complement traditional eating disorder care. For more information contact our intake coordinator at 781-674-1189 ext. 8 or