Welcome to the Counseling
and Nutrition Center, CNC360!

Who We Are As a Company 

The Counseling and Nutrition Center (CNC360) is a group practice of registered dietitians who specialize in healing the relationship to food and body. After many years in practice and at all levels of care, Lisa Pearl founded CNC360 knowing that dietitians with advanced and specialized training possess a unique skillset that is instrumental to recovery. CNC360 was formed in order to foster and support the expertise of clinical dietitians who are dedicated to the care of individuals struggling with body image and food issues. We understand that hiring the best clinicians comes with the highest quality of care. We believe in providing a work environment that supports professional advancement and provides a sustainable practice for valuable tenured clinicians. Our core values are represented in all aspects of our work and hiring practices.

Integrity is upheld through honesty, trust, accountability, and a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Commitment to Customers is reflected in our dedication to collaboration, innovation, excellence, advocacy, access, and at times– boldness. When challenging conversations arise (and with human beings, they do!), we bring compassion, respect, and a focus on our clients’ best interests. Our clinicians speak up in the service of our clients.

Trust is created with accountability, teamwork, dependability, and a safe space to challenge ourselves and each other so that we can grow and develop. We encourage excellence in treatment approaches while also supporting each other (and our clients!) in showing up as authentic human beings.

Teamwork – is facilitated by respect and humility; by continuing to build our capacity to acknowledge and value differences; by introducing perspectives that drive collaboration and inclusivity, and that honor diversity. It allows us to practice and hone our relational and leadership styles. (Translation: We love wit and a shared sense of humor!)

We would love to see much greater diversity in the field of eating disorders and actively support the work of Diversify Dietetics. We strive to deepen our understanding and work toward improving access to treatment through our DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) training, our involvement in the Boston Diversity Think Tank, our long-standing affiliation with ASDAH, our equity pricing for supervision, and our efforts toward greater diversity in the ED specialty track at Simmons University. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have further suggestions for expanding our efforts and education. 

Get to know us – We are always interested in applicants who share the same values and a passion for improving treatment and empowering each other to be the best we can be. 

Our Philosophy


Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality counseling and nutritional care in an outpatient setting. We believe in an integrated, holistic, HAES® informed and multifaceted approach to health.

We believe each patient deserves state-of-the-art care as well as the expertise and wisdom senior clinicians bring from years of experience in the field. We are delighted to bring you a collaborative model utilizing senior advisors and a multidisciplinary team approach that will ensure your optimal care.

We are dedicated to working with you on your unique path to health. In addition to treating many different nutrition and mental health issues,  we specialize in working with people who have disordered eating. Our years of wisdom gained through providing treatment has taught us that an individualized, non-diet approach with an eye towards emotional and appetite attunement will bring a lifetime of recovery.

We believe in full recovery. Our intent is to share that recovery process with you.

We would like to acknowledge that CNC360 is on land belonging to the Agawam, Massachusett, and Pawtucket Tribes. To learn more about the important history of native lands, check out: usdac.us.

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