Working as a dietician at CNC360 was both a professional and personal experience I don't think I could have gotten elsewhere. Never before had I been surrounded by such compassion and encouragement in a work environment and truly feel that it has allowed me to grow closer toward the clinician I want to be. I have both love and faith for every clinician working for CNC360, and plan to utilize their expertise as a resource in the eating disorder field for as long as they exist.

Kelsey Rigopoulos, RDN, LDN Nutrition Counseling

My eating was a spider web of complexities and emotions. You know, an eating issue consumes your life, and to have somebody that you can talk to about it is invaluable. I can now articulate things about my eating and my emotional eating that I could never even say aloud and now I understand what it means so that I can work to change it.

45 year old teacher with BED of 30 years

It’s amazing how far I have come. The demons of the thoughts of the next muffin are gone! Those thoughts dominated my life and were so pervasive I would eat off of someone’s tray at a hotel. It was so out of control and now those demons are gone. I mean they are gone! Do you get that? I’m not sitting at my desk and dreaming of animal crackers and muffins and getting to the store. I feel in control for the first time probably in my life. I’ve become this person that I like because I’m more real!

43 year old entrepreneur recovered from diabulimia

I was scared about what was happening to my body when I came in but you made it so much less awkward. I had been to the doctor and everyone said I needed to cut back on what I was eating. Then you asked for labs and found out I had PCOS. Now I understand what to do and I feel much better.

15 year old student with weight gain secondary to PCOS

Being able to trust a healthcare provider has helped me to acknowledge my issues, verbalize them, and learn that everything doesn’t have to be shamed. You taught me to trust myself and to recognize when I am being harsh and judgmental towards myself. I trust my sense of what to do around food and have learned acceptance towards my body.

35 year old clinician with Crohn’s and anorexia

…my self image has improved a lot. I don’t think about my weight anymore. I’m comfortable at the weight I’m at. I feel like I know now I can be this (normal) weight without obsessing over it and ‘trying’ to maintain it. I eat and exercise with freedom!

19 year old college student recovered after 4 years of anorexia nervosa

I’ve let go of a lot of control issues around food. I’ve learned how to have a conversation between my mind and my body so I can both get what I need physically as well as what I desire.

38 year old author recovered from 17 years of bulimia