Mindful Movement

Redefining Movement – Part 2

listen to your body when it wants to go from movement to resting

By Julia Marquette MS, RD, LDN When deciding how you want to move your body, check in with yourself. You may feel differently in your body from yesterday, last week, last month, and even from an earlier time today. You might ask yourself: Remember that it’s ok if these change from day to day and …

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Redefining Movement – Part 1

think outside the box when it comes to your bodies movement

By Julia Marquette MS, RD, LDN Could you imagine how you would feel if you could shift your focus away from metrics measuring body movement and from trying to change how your body looks, and could shift your focus towards how you feel when you move your body? Could you consider setting the intention to …

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We did it.  We made it to 2021.


The truth is that we CAN take action and create outcomes that we care about even when we’re feeling awful.  The key is in realizing that we don’t have to show up … read more

Navigating the New Normal

woods in the fall

When the pandemic hit, our day-to-day lives changed dramatically. Perhaps your social and professional interactions are now over Zoom (cue dog barking in the Zoom background). You may have new emotional, financial, or other struggles… read more