But how exactly does diet culture uphold white supremacy?

Since the murder of George Floyd over the summer and the new Civil Rights Movement that has been awakened, I have seen many social media posts from anti-diet dietitians suddenly exclaiming… read more

We did it.  We made it to 2021.

The truth is that we CAN take action and create outcomes that we care about even when we’re feeling awful.  The key is in realizing that we don’t have to show up … read more

Navigating the New Normal

When the pandemic hit, our day-to-day lives changed dramatically. Perhaps your social and professional interactions are now over Zoom (cue dog barking in the Zoom background). You may have new emotional, financial, or other struggles… read more

A Mind-Body Retreat for Mothers and Daughters: September 19th & 20th

by Lisa M. Pearl, MS,RD,LDNnatal25-12 (1)

As a daughter and a mother with daughters, I know that many of my greatest joys and deepest challenges reside in those relationships. As an eating disorder clinician…read more

What does your gut say?

by Lisa M. Pearl, MS,RD,LDN

Everyone within earshot has been listening to me talk about neurobiology lately.   With the increased utilization … read more

Am I Running or Am I Standing Still?

by Jodi Galin, Ph.D.

I really enjoy running. I don’t run very fast or go really long distances. Speed, distance, and time purposefully are omitted from my description as that information is not as relevant to my internal experience… read more >