Happy New Year from CNC360

The team at CNC360 is wishing our clients and colleagues a healthful and peaceful New Year! We are so grateful for each and every one of you.

Elevating Dietetic Supervision

Elevating Dietetic Supervision training

Fiona Sutherland and Lisa Pearl will welcome 40 colleagues from across the US, Australia, Mexico, and Italy to a two-day training in clinical supervision for dietitians working with eating disorders. This inaugural event aims to advance the development and consistency of supervision practice across the field. The Elevating Dietetic Supervision training, being held September 8-9, …

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Nicole Patience brings her expertise to the ADA National Convention!

Nicole Patience presents at ADA Convention

Nicole Patience presents Postprandial Glucose Spikes—Eating and Insulin Dosing Strategies for the 82nd Scientific Sessions at the ADA National Convention. What is your presentation about?Putting it all together—real-life cases to illustrate challenges and strategies to manage postprandial glucose. What makes this topic important in 2022?We make choices of what and when and how much to …

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The Spectrum of Hypoglycemia: From Fear to Confidence

By Nicole Patience

Hypoglycemia can threaten financial and social independence, physical safety, and emotional well being. This publication details the psychosocial experience of hypoglycemia, treatment tools, and approaches to prevent low blood glucose. Read more >

Toilet Paper?

This time of crisis has been like a roller coaster with jarring ups and downs and some achingly slow climbs where we can’t see where we are headed.  The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine has had a profound effect on most of us.  We have suffered anxieties because …Read more