Nourishing Body Image Across Generations

Would you like to create a legacy of healthy body image for you and your children?

Come join a support group for adult women who would like support around feeding themselves and their families.

We often “feed” our own issues with food and body image to our children. Let’s work together to change those unhelpful messages and promote healthier relationships to food and body.

  • Create awareness of how our parents’ issues with food and weight have impacted us.
  • Recognize how those messages have impacted our own relationship to food and body image.
  • Break that cycle of preoccupation with food and weight so that we don’t pass those same messages along to our children.
  • Learn how to create a new, healthier legacy of a positive relationship with food and our bodies.

When: 8 Wednesdays 10-11:30am starting October 22nd
Where: 33 Bedford St. Suite 20 Lexington, MA
Cost: $50/group

Call Natalie Gornstein, LICSW for more details (617) 461- 6197
or email:

Your size may be inherited, but your preoccupation with food and weight doesn’t have to be!