Workshop: Healing Body Image on Saturday, 3/15/14

Body Image with Lisa & MariaLed by Lisa Pearl & Maria Skinner

Healing Body Image with Mindfulness, Music, & Movement

at Yoga & Nia For Life

135 Commonwealth Ave

West Concord, MA

Saturday, March 15, 2014



Join Maria Skinner and Lisa Pearl on a two hour journey through an exploration of your body image development and healing.

We try our best to take care of our bodies as they carry us through time. And our bodies work unbelievably hard to keep us going! Truly a relationship that lasts your lifetime! Do you travel in a body that you think is worthy of love and self-care? How easily are you pulled into “trash talking” your body? This workshop will begin the process of building your awareness, healing the painful messages of your past and opening your heart to creating more ease in your body.

To pre-register, contact Maria Skinner at or Lisa Pearl at